Do you want to have a better relationship with yourself and other people?
I am not a trained psychotherapist, although I have done a year long training in Voice Dialogue, and would always recommend professional help for severe problems. But, there are several profound and simple tools that I can facilitate, and teach to you, that will make your inner life run smoother, become deeper and more enjoyable.
You've probably noticed how an unhealthy relationship to our emotions, and those of others, can seriously deplete our energy and zest for life!
Shadow work
The shadow is a psychology term describing those parts of ourselves that we have disowned and cast into the shadows because they are too painful for us to consciously carry. These can be traits that would typically be described as negative, such as anger, but equally we can disown our positive traits too, such as our beauty. If you find that everyone around you is angry, but you aren't, or everyone is beautiful apart from you, then this is a signal telling you that you have disowned these parts of yourself. Re-owning the disowned parts of ourselves can be the sweetest and most juicy process, making you feel stronger and more caring. I tend to use Voice Dialogue (created by Hal and Sidra Stone), the Big Mind Process (created by Zen master Genpo Roshi) the 3-2-1 process developed by Ken Wilber, and Dream Analysis.
A practice that I also find very powerful is what is generally called Gazing. This is where two people sit opposite each other and gaze into one another's eyes directly, in a relaxed way, in silence for extended periods (from 15 minutes up to 1 hour) This simple practice is very powerful. It creates a feeling of great authenticity and openness. It goes against our socially reinforced aversion to looking people in the eye for long periods. This is a meditation practice that involves another person, which is a nice counterbalance to the usual self-centred type of meditation.
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