About Ralph Cree

About Ralph Cree

I got into spiritual practices as a teenager in the mid 1990’s. My first ‘spiritual experience’ was taking LSD as a 15 year old in 1993. This led to a sustained search for other similar 1st person experiences that took me beyond the sense of identity I had grown up with, such as lucid dreaming. Soon afterwards I was introduced to Meditation in my GCSE drama class. I got hooked and have meditated since then to this day. I was fascinated by psychedelics and did about another 30 years of experiments with a wide variety of substances from around the world. 


After leaving school I travelled widely in Indonesia, India, Nepal, and Thailand which contributed to a fundamental shift in identity. I came back feeling like a citizen of the world and not just English. I was deeply inspired by Eastern spirituality, in particular Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen and Magik. I chose to do a BA undergraduate joint degree in Religions and World music at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. As well as a deep exploration of Central Asian and ancient Indian religions I undertook a thorough exploration of the world’s shamanic traditions. 


After university I visited India another 2 times and went on a 6 month solo wild camping trip to Scotland and Wales as I had a profound yearning for solitude and wild spaces at the time. 

As time went on my interests broadened to include mystical Christianity, Sufism and Non-dual Shaiva Tantra. In 2007 I became very interested in the work of American philosopher Ken Wilber and devoured all of the work coming out of the Integral scene for about 10 years and started a local practice group. After a while the limitations of Integral spurred me on to keep exploring other traditions and new perspectives. 


Since the beginning I have experimented with many alternative health and dietary practices such as veganism, vegetarianism, raw food, fruitarian, meat eating, wild food, fasting, colonics, binaural beats, weight lifting, bodyweight strength training and cardio. 


I have been a client of Integral psycotherapy on and off since 2007. In 2018 I did a year long training in the psychotherapeutic technique Voice Dialogue. 


In 2020 I started the Evolving Spiritual Practice podcast and YouTube channel where I discuss practices of body, heart, mind and spirit with my favourite authors and teachers from around the world. 

I have always been mainly oriented towards practice. I love to study and value it highly but I am not a scholar.