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The basic premise upon which Body Heart Mind Spirit is based is that everything is connected, and if you tweak one part of the web it affects the rest. For example, if your body is in good shape then you will be able to meditate effectively, and if you meditate then your relationships with other people will be more fulfilling, and if your relationships are going well then it’s easier to eat healthy food, and so on.
My approach always comes from a place of practice and playful experimentation. It is possible to fit transformative practices such as meditation, fitness, psychotherapy and learning robust philosophical models into your busy lifestyle without having to spend lots of money and time.
These practices create positive feeback loops between eachother. The way to excellent health and spiritual growth is to train each of these dimensions. Often people over-emphasise just one of these and negelct the others leading to lop-sided development. I am not talking about digging lots of shallow holes everywhere and never going deep. Everyone will naturally be drawn to particular methods, and it is important to excel in one or two areas. The key is to not be dragged down by ignoring the others.
I am always learning and evolving, and intend to continue doing so for the rest of my life. So, what I am offering is a snap shot of where I am today which will be different in the future.
This type of practice is infinitely scalable, so whether you only have 5 minutes a day, or 5 hours a day to practice, you can be sure that you get straight to the heart of the matter, and create genuine positive change in your life, using pithy and cutting edge techniques from the World's Traditions, ancient and new.
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